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  • Prosecco – Italian Champagne?

    15 Jun 2017
    By Dr Michael RyanItaly has always been a wine producing monster. The French lay claim to the most prestigious wines and senses of tradition but Italy makes more wine, has been...

  • Hot Wheels!

    15 Jun 2017
    By Dr Clive FraserMost car owners will not hesitate to option up their vehicle with fancy alloy wheels.After all they are shiny and will lift the appearance of even the most...

  • Soul served hot and buttery

    15 Jun 2017
    By guest author Paul Smith, Deputy Editor of Australian DoctorThere was a moment back in the late 80s when Whitney Houston’s pitch perfect vocal pyrotechnics in the...

  • It’s only natural

    08 May 2017
    BY DR MICHAEL RYANHistorically, no one can lay claim to inventing wine. Archeological evidence can trace wine to Georgia approximately 8000 BC. Fermented fruit juice would have...

  • “Are you in the market for a hardtop?”

    08 May 2017
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERCyclone Debbie versus three VolvosAt 2PM on Tuesday 28th March 2017 Tropical Cyclone Debbie crossed the Queensland coastline at Airlie Beach.With wind speeds of...

  • Where there's smoke there's fire

    08 May 2017
    BY CHRIS JOHNSONWhat do you get when you put a small bunch of musos, some of them senior diplomats and journalists in previous lives, together in the same room?They put on such a...

  • Thousands flock to folk festival

    17 Apr 2017
    Thousands of music lovers from all across Australia flocked to the nation’s capital on the Easter long weekend to soak up 200 performing artists, including 27 acts from various...

  • “Digital Disruption” - Taxis versus Ride-sharing

    10 Apr 2017
    DOCTOR CLIVE FRASERUber ride-sharing arrived in Australia five years ago.Undoubtedly, it has been popular and a great commercial success, much to the detriment of the established...

  • Ah the sweet life

    10 Apr 2017
    DR MICHAEL RYANAnd I thought Sauvignon Blanc was a polarising topic! Just like Ford versus Holden, the Maroons and the Blues or Lennon versus McCartney, as is sweet versus dry...

  • Have You Planned Your Heart Attack?

    07 Apr 2017
    BOOK REVIEWHave You Planned Your Heart Attack?By Dr Warrick BishopRRP: $34.99Reviewed by Chris Johnson Anyone for a self-help guide to having a heart attack?Actually, a new...