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  • Brennan Wines – from a New York state of mind

    18 Oct 2016
    Family enterprises always ooze passion with artistic flare, dutiful care of the end product and boundless enthusiasm.The Brennans have excelled in these areas of winemaking since...

  • Whistleblowers are 'unreasonable' people - “Unsafe At Any Speed!”

    18 Oct 2016
    It’s been just over 50 years since a young lawyer from Connecticut named Ralph Nader published a book about the American automotive industry titled, Unsafe At Any Speed: The...

  • Shaw’s paradox

    06 Sep 2016
    I always admire those people who dream the dream and chase it relentlessly.Philip Shaw’s thoughts of making his own place in the wine world began humbly as a 14-year-old washing...

  • “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” - women in sport

    06 Sep 2016
    Once every four years a host city puts on the biggest show on Earth.This year the world has seen the 2016 Rio Olympics come and go.As usual, these games were not free of...

  • Oil spills!

    18 Jul 2016
    Twenty-five years ago Iraqi forces opened oil valves to impede the troops trying to liberate Kuwait.What unfolded was easily the biggest oil spill in human history, with 4000...

  • Andrew Thomas - It's all about the red and white

    18 Jul 2016
    Sounds obvious for a wine maker that the passion for the red and white would be all consuming.In Andrew Thomas’s case, he is also passionate about the red and white in the jersey...

  • Seeing Europe the hard way

    04 Jul 2016
    By Adrian Rollins, Editor, Australian MedicineIn the past, when winter hit hard in Australia, those who could afford it would fly to Europe to bask in the Mediterranean sunshine,...

  • Ford farewell

    20 Jun 2016
    In October Ford will cease manufacturing in Australia forever.General Motors and Toyota will follow suit next year.Ford started assembling cars in Australia in 1925 with the Model...

  • Driving fatigue

    17 May 2016
    Doctors are very well acquainted with what it’s like to work long hours under pressure.The experience begins in the undergraduate years with what seems like a Herculean effort to...

  • Nebbiolo – lifting the fog

    17 May 2016
    Why Nebbiolo? I asked this question of Karen Coats and Dr Prue Keith, owners of Virago Estate in Beechworth, Victoria. They both replied that the serendipitous exposure to this...