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The AMA is a federal organisation with state and territory branches.

It supports Australian Doctors in a number of areas including industrial, social, and welfare issues.

Over many years, the AMA has become recognised as an important body representing all Australian doctors and has now developed networks with federal and state governments and other important organisations. As is evidenced by the significant influence the AMA has been able to exert on important issues including Aboriginal health and welfare, anti-smoking legislation, and rural matters.

Your annual membership is divided into Federal and State moieties.

In Tasmania, there have been significant efforts made to ensure that the State moiety has not increased in the last three years. State membership for Salaried Medical Practitioners also confers automatic membership of the state branch of the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF) and membership of Tasmanian Salaried Medical Practitioners Society (TSMPS). The Tasmanian State branch (Industrial Committee) is currently negotiating with the State Government in regards to the Award for Salaried Medical Officers.

AMA membership has direct benefits to you as an individual. Again, there are benefits at both federal and State levels.

Member benefits

Three pages of reasons to join the AMA are included on this site, a list of benefits from partner companies, a list of provider companies that supply services to members and discounts available.

But most of all being an AMA member means that you can have your say in matters of employment and in the health sector generally in Tasmania and Australia.

For a great range of federal benefits go straight to the federal AMA member services page.


The Medical Journal of Australia 

The Medical Journal of Australia is Australia's premier journal of medical practice and clinical research, published by the Australasian Medical Publishing Company Proprietary Limited (AMPCo) for the Australian Medical Association.

The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) is published in two volumes a year, issues appearing on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, except for the December double issue which appears on the second Monday of the month. Read more

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