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AMA submission to the Autism Cooperative Research Centre consultation on draft of The diagnostic process for children, adolescents and adults referred for assessment of autism spectrum disorder in Australia: A national guideline

08 Aug 2018

As an organisation that represents the interests of medical practitioners, advocates for improved health, and health care in the broader community, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) is strongly supportive of efforts to stop incarceration associated with cannabis use. This must occur alongside investment in harm reduction and treatment initiatives. Substance use and dependence is primarily a health problem, that requires treatment and support like other illnesses. Incarceration, for any reason, is associated with poorer health outcomes. Incarceration for substance misuse or dependence may increase difficulties in accessing the appropriate treatments and support. While many cannabis users experience little or no negative consequences, the widespread use of cannabis contributes to interactions with law enforcement, and even incarceration. The consequences for individuals and the community are costly, unnecessarily punitive, and disproportionally impact the disadvantaged.


Published: 08 Aug 2018