Prevocational medical education and training - 2011. Revised 2017

4 Apr 2017

The revised AMA Position Statement on Prevocational medical education and training – 2017 outlines the AMA’s position on the scope and structure of prevocational medical education, which encompasses the period between graduation and the commencement of vocational training. This includes the internship year (postgraduate year 1) and post internship training (postgraduate year 2+). Doctors at this stage of their training are collectively referred to as prevocational doctors in this document.

The AMA supports a focus on generalist medical training, clinical skill development and medical professionalism in the early postgraduate years, consistent with Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and Australian Medical Council (AMC) standards and guidelines, and the curricula outlined in the Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors (ACFJD). The revised position statement continues to emphasise the importance of a generalist approach to prevocational learning, maintaining core terms in emergency medical care, surgery and medicine, and supports an internship period of 47 weeks full time equivalent.

It also reiterates the value of a community term in the early prevocational years and acknowledges the importance of high quality learning and assessment, welfare and support, and acknowledges that prevocational doctors may choose to self-stream into a vocation post internship as part of their career plan.