Australian Medicine


Australian Medicine is the national news and information publication of the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

Australian Medicine keeps members, the medical profession, politicians, and the media informed of the AMA’s work on health policy development, public health education, and advocacy for the highest quality health care for all Australians.

Australian Medicine is published fortnightly and can be found online at in a flipbook format. All articles can also be accessed in html format.

The magazine features:

  • columns from the AMA President and AMA Committees;
  • health policy information;
  • medical political news;
  • national medical news;
  • international medical news
  • lifestyle information; and
  • member services.

Australian Medicine welcomes letters and editorial contributions from AMA members.

Australian Medicine is published 22 times a year and is accessible to 26,000 doctors nationwide. It is also read by practice managers, medical practice administration staff, general practice nurses, health journalists, health bureaucrats, politicians and political advisers, and is open to the general public.

As well as reporting what the AMA has to say about health policy and medical people, places and events, Australian Medicine contains information about member services and benefits

Australian Medicine welcomes diversity of opinion on national health issues. For this reason, published articles reflect the views of the authors and do not represent the official policy of the AMA unless stated.

For a copy of our conditions, rates, advertising specifications, edition details and booking form please see the 2012 Media Kit.

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