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23 Jul 2018

AMA FAMILY DOCTOR WEEK, 22- 28 July 2018

Your Family Doctor: Here for you

Local family doctors are the ideal source of information and clinical advice when couples are planning their first child or looking to extend the size of their family.

AMA President, Dr Tony Bartone, a GP for 30 years in suburban Melbourne, said today that when people are planning, having, and raising children it is important that they have a trusted health professional with all the right skills and experience to provide reliable advice and support.

Dr Bartone said that family doctors – local community GPs – are the most highly trained health professionals with the broad knowledge and expertise to guide their patients and through the complete experience from pre-conception to pregnancy to the safe arrival of a bundle of joy.  

“Family doctors provide trusted and invaluable advice throughout the journey,” Dr Bartone said.

“When women are first planning to fall pregnant, their GP can advise how best to prepare physically and emotionally for parenthood.

“There is strong and increasing evidence that the way a mother enters pregnancy is linked to maternity outcomes in mother and baby.

“Helping parents understand the impact that smoking, drinking, poor nutrition, and unhealthy weight levels can have on fetal development, mother’s health, and infant wellbeing is just one of the ways that GPs are there for prospective parents.  

“The family doctor is aware of the family history, and can undertake necessary assessments, and discuss and arrange appropriate tests or referrals.

“Throughout pregnancy, a range of health issues can arise, expected and unexpected, and the GP is available at all times to provide care, support, and security.

“Issues such as morning sickness, urinary tract infections, musculoskeletal pain, iron deficiency, existing chronic conditions, gestational diabetes, thyroid problems, and anxiety can be detected, monitored, and treated to ensure the pregnancy remains safe.

“After the baby is born, the GP provides ongoing support for new parents and repeat parents with issues such as breastfeeding and managing the emotional rollercoaster that comes with parenting.

“Family doctors also provide vital health checks for both mother and baby, including immunisations and advice on contraception.

“Family doctors are part of the family - throughout all stages of life,” Dr Bartone said.

AMA Family Doctor Week runs from 22 to 28 July.

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23 July 2018 

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