Protecting the health care rights of pregnant women

1 Nov 2020

AMA Position Statement on Maternal Decision-Making

The AMA today released its Position Statement on Maternal Decision-Making.

The Position Statement highlights the AMA’s policy on maternal decision-making, where a pregnant woman has the same right to privacy, body integrity, and to make her own informed, autonomous health care decisions as any competent individual.

AMA President, Dr Steve Hambleton, said that the AMA promotes a positive, supportive and collaborative approach to health care, where patients are supported in making their own informed health care decisions.

“Doctors play an important role in supporting pregnant women to make fully informed health care decisions by providing advice on the risks and benefits to both the woman and the fetus of lifestyle and medical treatment options,” Dr Hambleton said.

“A pregnant woman’s fully informed health care decision regarding lifestyle behaviours and medical treatment should be respected.” 

The AMA Position Statement on Maternal Decision-Making 2013 is available at

9 April 2013 

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