Dr Tony Bartone - Flu Shot

2 Apr 2020

Transcript:   AMA President, Dr Tony Bartone, Seven Network, Sunrise with Natalie Barr and David Koch,  Thursday, 2 April 2020

Subject:   Flu shot

DAVID KOCH:        As Australia battles coronavirus, we're being urged to get the flu shot early to alleviate stress on our healthcare system. And this year, there's a world first - a four-strain super vaccine on offer. Developed by a Melbourne company, it contains new additives to increase potency and effectiveness.

President of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Tony Bartone, joins me now. Tony, good morning to you. This super vaccine, is that going to be available everywhere? Chemists and doctors?

TONY BARTONE:  Yes. Good morning, Kochie. So, basically, this super vaccine, this adjuvant vaccine, is about increasing the potency of the vaccine that you've just talked about. It's going to be part of the National Immunisation Program. It is available, and it is important that everyone does make an appointment time to just try and balance demand with supply and get that immunisation in as early as they can this month.

DAVID KOCH:        So, all flu vaccine shots are the same? They're all this super vaccine? Or you got to ask for it?

TONY BARTONE:  No. So, Kochie, the important thing is to match the vaccine with the patient, with their past history. There are many different types. There's an appropriate age group classification as well, and your doctor will go through which one is best for you and offer you obviously the best one that's suited for your case.

DAVID KOCH:        Okay. That's interesting. Ask your doctor, make sure you get the right one. Alright, Tony. Thank you for that.

2 April 2020

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