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Doctors' dilemma - medical treatment versus personal beliefs

29 Nov 2013

AMA Position Statement on Conscientious Objection

The AMA today released its Position Statement on Conscientious Objection 2013.

When a doctor refuses to provide, or participate in, a legally-recognised treatment or procedure because it conflicts with his or her personal beliefs and values, this constitutes a ‘conscientious objection’.

A conscientious objection is based on sincerely-held beliefs and moral concerns, not self-interest or discrimination.

Key recommendations of the Position Statement include:

  • a doctor should always provide treatment in an emergency situation, even if that treatment conflicts with the doctor's personal beliefs and values;
  • a doctor who makes a conscientious objection to providing, or participating, in certain treatments or procedures should make every effort to minimise the disruption in the delivery of health care and ensuing burden on colleagues;
  • if a doctor has a conscientious objection, they should inform their patient of the objection, preferably in advance; inform them they have a right to see another doctor, being satisfied the patient has sufficient information to enable them to exercise that right; and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the patient's access to care is not impeded;
  • doctors should treat patients with respect and dignity, even if objecting to the treatment or procedure;
  • a doctor with a conscientious objection should not be discriminated against; and
  • a competent patient's informed refusal to a particular treatment or procedure, even if based on their own conscientious objection, should be respected.

The AMA Position Statement on Conscientious Objection 2013 is at


29 November 2013

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Published: 29 Nov 2013