Appointment Of Kate Carnell To Chair GP Education And Training Board Inappropriate

15 Feb 2001

President of the AMA, Dr Kerryn Phelps, said today that the appointment of Kate Carnell as Chair of General Practice Education and Training Limited (GPETL) was inappropriate.

Dr Phelps said the medical profession was promised an independent senior business person to chair the Board.

"Kate Carnell is not an independent senior business person and she is not a member of the medical profession.

"The AMA is not convinced that the selection process for this position was transparent or independent of party politics."

Dr Phelps said the AMA is also concerned by the public statement by Dr Paul Hemming of The Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP) welcoming the appointment.

"Dr Hemming said 'those people who genuinely believe she was not a suitable choice should have spoken up long ago' and 'we (RACGP) will not support trivial and unhelpful criticisms of individuals on the Board'.

"Lack of independence is not a trivial criticism.

"The AMA was not consulted on the appointment and was only informed today - by a journalist, not the Minister or the Department.

"Dr Hemming made it known that he knew about the appointment back in December and was told to keep it a secret, which he did.

"As the only truly independent group who speaks on behalf of Australian doctors, the AMA should have been consulted and asked for its expert opinion in the selection of the Chair of the GPETL.

"Kate Carnell's appointment is inappropriate and the Minister's decision to make the announcement from Tibet is unfortunate."

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