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13 Jul 2020

Bullying and harassment is not welcome now or at any other time.  In this difficult COVID-19 environment, it is particularly important to look out for yourself and your colleagues.

The Drs4Drs Support Services provides 24/7 crisis support to the medical profession and medical students, as well as non-urgent mental health support and complements services provided by the network of State-based doctors’ health advisory services that are also funded by Doctors Health Services -

All services funded by Doctors Health Services are completely confidential.  We appreciate patient privacy is paramount and our services provide the option of anonymity.

Of course, the best collegiate support anytime, will come from your GP and all doctors should have one.  If you are unable to access your GP now and need support, you can contact our telemedicine service or contact a State/Territory doctors’ health service.  Details for connecting with a State service are here:

The Drs4Drs website has a library of resources to assist you develop and maintain good mental health strategies ( our five minute guides  are a quick read on these and other topics of interest

Published: 13 Jul 2020