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Career Pathways Guide



Australasian College of Dermatologists

College website

Entry Requirements

General medical registration
Completion of PGY2
Employment in an accredited training position

What is it?

Dermatologists look after patients of all ages, from babies and children to adolescents and adults.

On a typical workday, the dermatologist deals with a wide variety of disorders. However given our climate, Australian dermatologists spend a lot of time treating diseases caused by sun exposure. These include sunspots and skin cancers. As dermatologists have a wide variety of treatments at their disposal (creams, liquid nitrogen, various types of surgery), they are able to deliver specific treatment for skin cancers.

Other typical skin consultations include acne, psoriasis, atopic eczema, skin infections such as warts, mole surveillance, melasma and occupational dermatitis.  Skin also includes hair, nails and the wet areas of the mouth and genitalia. Dermatologists are experts in the diagnosis and management of disorders affecting these areas.


Initial Application Cycle

January - March

Application Cycle Details

Applications open in February for entry into the program the following year

Application Cost


Detailed Cost

Application Fee: AUD $1,600

Total training time



Training requirements

TOTAL: 4 years (full-time)

  • 24 months (full-time) Basic Training
  • 24 months (full-time) Advanced Training 

Number of assessments per annum

5 - 10

Assessment details

Clinical Sciences Online Competency Modules Examination (CSOCM) (online modules that must be completed and passed by the end of year 1)

Pharmacology Examination (MCQ) (must be passed in the first year of training)

Fellowship Examination (written) (undertaken in June of year 4)
Fellowship Examination (short case) (undertaken in July of year 4)
Fellowship Examination (long case) (undertaken in August of year 4)

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