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  • Mentally healthy travels

    21 Jan 2019
    BY SIMON TATZTravelling overseas as a tourist has been completely transformed by the advent of smart phones and mobile devices.When I first ventured outside Australia on my own,...

  • Get your Christmas music cheer on

    06 Dec 2018
    BY CHRIS JOHNSONIt’s time to pull out those old Christmas albums – on CD, vinyl or cassette – or rush into any department store and find a few Christmas CDs in the sale bins.Or...

  • Taking a gamble on TheLott

    06 Dec 2018
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERAfter protesting recently about MHR (My Health Record) and all of the possibilities of my privacy being breached, I thought that I would let my colleagues know...

  • “Oh What a Feeling!”

    15 Nov 2018
    Australia’s best-selling vehicle in 2018BY DR CLIVE FRASERFor the past 32 years the top-selling motor vehicle in the United States has been the Ford F-Series truck.While the...


    14 Nov 2018
    Booming: A Life Changing Philosophy for Ageing WellMarcus Riley Marcus Riley is the Chief Executive Officer of BallyCara, a charitable organisation and public benevolent...

  • A self-guide to guided tours

    14 Nov 2018
    BY CHRIS JOHNSONTo guide or not to guide… that is the question.I’m not a fan of the guided tour (see the Travel section of Australian Medicine October 15, 2018 edition for more on...

  • Escaping to sanctuary in the Swiss Alps

    10 Oct 2018
    TRAVEL BY CHRIS JOHNSON Let’s face it. You’ve seen one church you’ve seen them all. Every European city is rightly proud of its cathedral, but after Notre Dame what...

  • Lithium – Power to the people

    09 Oct 2018
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERIt’s been 70 years since an Australian ex-Changi POW named Dr John Cade treated his first patient with lithium.On March 29, 1948, Dr Cade commenced treating Mr...

  • Talking about airbags

    12 Sep 2018
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERIn 1953 an American engineer (John Hetrick) patented a “safety cushion assembly for automotive vehicles”.Hetrick remarked that: "In the spring of '52, my wife,...

  • Soaking in the Baths of Caracalla

    10 Sep 2018
    By Chris Johnson When in Rome….Surely a visit to Italy has to include a night out at the opera?After all, the Italians invented the opera. They know how to put one on.At the...