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Recent publicity discussed the inability of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to meet Tasmanian demand.  While it is true that existing services can, at times, struggle to meet increasing demand, there is some available capacity.

Recent research reveals that some GPs may not be aware of the residential rehabilitation services available to Tasmanians battling with alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders and other ‘life-controlling’ conditions.
The organisations listed below are members of the Recovery Program Network (RPN).  RPN consists of three independent rehabilitation facilities who work collaboratively to maximise the quality and capacity of services to meet specific client needs. 

RPN members are all Christian based, provide long-term (4 – 16 month) residential rehabilitation services and are generously supported by a common benefactor.  While most clients are referred by medical professionals, others are self-admitting or enter at the request of the justice system.

While RPN members are geographically spread they do all serve the needs of Tasmanians battling addiction, eating disorders and other abuse-related issues that reduce clients’ capacity to lead independent and productive lives.

The Recovery Program Network includes three independent organisations:

MISSIONDALE – Evandale, Tasmania – serving adult men and women of all ages A division of the Launceston City Mission, Missiondale offers residential recovery program for male and female adults overcoming alcohol, drug and gambling addictions -

LIVE FREE – Ellendale (near New Norfolk), Tasmania – serving young men – ages 16 – 30 years.
Operated by   Pathways Tasmania, Live Free offers a residential recovery program for young men overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

COSTS – clients pay a percentage of their Centrelink or Disability payment.  This fee covers residential accommodation and food costs, counselling services and client transfers to medical, training and remediation services and opportunities.  

PRE-ENTRY REQUIREMENTS - Clients will undergo a detailed interview process to ascertain their specific health issues and their level of commitment to participating in a formal and long-term recovery program.  If accepted, clients are required to commit to a binding contract relating to expected behaviours and the rules of the facility. 

Clients with drug and alcohol related addictions may be required to have participated in a recognised detox program prior to entering rehabilitation.  
RPN organisations are committed to helping clients return to healthy and productive lifestyles.  Most are run by a combination of professional staff and volunteers and their work is primarily funded by donations and their own social enterprises. 

Please contact these RPN providers directly for information regarding specific issues or clients.  If they cannot help your client, they may be able to recommend an alternative service or solution.

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