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Position vacant

Divisional Assistant

In the North West

We are looking to engage a divisional assistant who will be responsible for the smooth running of the regional division meetings for the AMA. There are three divisions and advice can be sought from Rosemary Armitage who looks after the Northern Division.

Please feel free to call me to discuss this contracted position; this is not an employment role. We are offering somewhere in the region of $300 per month or up to $3000 PA as a honourium.

The role entails the following:

  • Recruiting sponsors (usually drug companies, but doesn't have to be. $400 to $500 per month)
  • Preparing the agenda in MS word and circulating it
  • Writing the minutes and lodging them with the team at AMA House
  • Liaison with the venue for catering
  • Providing drinks or organising them from the caterer
  • Attending the meeting once a month between 6pm and 7.30pm on a regular date of the month or other agreed date
  • Liaising with myself at AMA State Office along with my assistant
  • Liaising with “Telehealth” organising the video conferencing if required
  • Recruiting members for the AMA when possible
  • Some other smaller tasks.

The role should take about 8 to 10 hours a month.

Call me on 0409 219 368


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