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AMA Tasmania welcomes today's Hodgman Liberal Government announced funding injection and sees this as an immediate boost to enable the Royal Hobart Hospital emergency department that to recruit new staff to support existing staff to provide high quality care for patients.

By empowering local hospital governance and management through the RHH Executive, we enable this qualified group of professionals to have autonomy and authority to allocate the new funding based on proposals prepared by clinical staff at the Royal. Further supporting the on-the-ground clinical experts to determine resourcing direction, and the final decisions, rightly so, we are ensuring these decisions will become the correct ones for local RHH Executive and senior clinicians at the RHH.

The recruitment of the new positions created by this funding needs to be not only expedited but ongoing, with permanent appointments made where possible with the primary focus being to ensure we are best supporting patients as well as our hard-working staff.

It is widely recognised that specific measures are needed to increase the physical footprint of the Emergency Department, AMA acknowledges the clinical planning taskforce recommendations, with a commonly held understanding that the RHH emergency department is undersized by national standards and current patient demand and looks forward to the report back as part of the master planning currently underway.

The past three years have seen sustained growth in emergency treatment demand, with a 21% rise in admissions. Patients are sicker, with more complex needs requiring more prolonged periods of care.

AMA Tasmania President Dr John Davis commented, "this funding goes to better support our dedicated staff who are working in the face of growing demand, it can't stop here, we must remain vigilant and continue to do more to support our staff".

AMA Tasmania looks forward to working with the Liberal Hodgman government in 2019 to continue to address the capacity and flow of not only the Royal Hobart Hospital but all hospitals across our state.



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