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Media Monitoring

Friday 5th October 2018

  • Page 2 - High hopes for breast screening. Breast screening is on track to be supercharged, becoming more accurate and safer, through Australian research creating sharper and more detailed images.

    Page 2 - Hi-tech exams for twins. The mother of conjoined twins Nima and Dawa Pelden says she loves her girls more than ever after seeing them undertake their first medical procedures in Melbourne
    ahead of separation. 

    Page 18 - Hands-on approach to our future. A can-do attitude has helped Bruny Island come up with a solution to an age-old problem, writes Rosemary Sandford. The Tasmanian health system is in disarray, but occasionally there is a glimmer of hope. Several years ago, a small group of Bruny Islanders, the Bruny Island Community Aged Living Project (BICAL), became concerned about the inadequacy and inappropriateness of on-island health services for a rapidly ageing population. About 50 per cent of the 800 or so residents are aged 60 and over. 

    ONLINE -  RHH development. RHH nurses to walk off job as talks on new enterprise agreeement continue.  Nurses at the Royal Hobart Hospital will walk off the job today as they escalate their push for better wages, warning the State Government will struggle to keep or recruit health workers if conditions do not improve. ONLINE

    Page 2 - Rural hospitals ticked. All eight of Tasmania’s rural hospitals have been awarded accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. ONLINE

    Page 31 - Step in right direction for hospital. Northern Tasmania had two good news stories in 24 hours directly relating to the Health Department. This is worth highlighting because the good stories can get missed or quickly forgotten among the criticism of our health system. In the past 12 months, The Examiner has placed a greater emphasis on preventative health. ONLINE

    ONLINE - Launceston General Hospital expects second neurologist soon. A second neurologist could soon call Launceston home, with Health Minister Michael Ferguson saying he would make an announcement in the “near future”. ONLINE



Thursday 4th October 2018

  • Page 4 - Mediterranean best for breast. Eating a Mediterranean diet of vegetables, fish and olive oil could decrease your risk of breast cancer, according to new research.

    Page 7 - Health risks of handling dirty money. Making contactless payments is meant to be easier than using cash, now it looks like it could be better for our health, too. The cash and coins we carry are covered by up to 19 types of bugs and potentially deadly bacteria, experts say.

    Page 8 - Pain drug’s cost slashed. A new arthritis drug that could drastically eliminate chronic and debilitating pain will be made available at a fraction of its cost.

    Page 1 - Successful. Launceston General Hospital achieves general accreditation. Launceston General Hospital is a step closer to being a training site again after achieving general accreditation. ONLINE



    Page 14 - Progress in cervical cancer fight. Australia is on track to become the world’s first country to eliminate cervical cancer, with vaccinations and screening tests credited for a remarkable downturn in the devastating disease.