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Media Monitoring

20th October 2015

  • Page 5 - Attacks on staff at secure psychiatric facility unacceptable, says union.  Anger at nurse assaults. ONLINE

    Page 11 - Weight-loss surgery on the table.  A Tasmanian-led health study has called for uniform clinical guidelines for publicly funded weight-loss surgeries in Australian hospitals.

    Page 13 - Over 60s urged to get regular check-ups.  Tasmania's Council on the Ageing has backed the findings of a new study that reveals mena nd women over 60 who have health-risk assessments display better health behaviours and increased use of preventive care.


    Page 3 - Husband refused to take his ailing wife back home.  Hospital 'didn't want to know'.  An East Devonport man's battle trying to get pallative care for his terminally ill wife has left him feeling determined the same thing should not be allowed to happen to anyone else.  ONLINE


19th October 2015

  • Page 2 - Gut bacteria take over our cravings.  The next time you succumb to a craving for a late-night burger, a bowl of ice-cream or a bar of chocolate, it's not down to lack of willpower - it could be due to microscopic bacteria in your gut.

    Page 7 - Medical research offers benefits for Tasmania.  The head of Tasmania's Menzies Institute, Tom Marwick, has backed a campaign spruiking the importance of the Federal Government's Medical Research Future Fund.


    Page 6 - Christmas Island eyed for medicinal cannabis.  An Australian company is now eyeing Christmas Island as a hub to grow and export medicinal cannabis.


    Page 6 - Sufferers, carers rejoice oil decision.  Coasters are in full support of the federal government's plans to make access to medicinal cannabis easier, but think the change should have come sooner.