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Media Monitoring

Thursday 22nd October 2015

  • Page 3 - Vitamin in beer, Vegemite helps cut cancer risk.  Vitamin B3 found in Vegemite and beer can cut the risk of cancer by 23 per cent.

    Page 11 - White Paper process blamed.  $21m health facility delay.  Glenorchy residents will be waiting until mid-2017 for a $21 million health hub that was agreed to by the former government three years ago.


    Page 8 - Spinal surgery and diabetes projects Research grants awarded.  A research project aimed at reducing spinal surgeries and another that hopes to discover the best way to manage diabetes in acute care are among those to be funded by the Clifford Craig Medical Research in 2016.

    Page 15 - NDIS woe in other states: Petrusma.  Humans Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma has explained that Tasmania's work in signing up to the full National Disability Insurance Scheme has been delayed by the difficulties experienced by other states.

    Page 15 - No luck on health chief role.  The hunt continues for a chief of the Tasmanian Health Service.


    Page 3 - Lambie urges health intervention.  Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has called for special intervention into Tasmania's health system, accusing the state government of having lost control.

    Page 4 - Tasmania 'on a path' to reducing drug use.  Circular Head has "hammered" its drugs problem and moved on from its initial denial, according to Rural Health CEO Rob Waterman.

    Page 4 - Difficulties in getting accurate data, says government.  Even key indicators to quantify drug usage are not enough to provide a "confident assessment" of the use of ice in a given community, Health Minister Michael Ferguson said yesterday.

    Page 6 - LGH rejects discharged pensioner left stranded.  The acting head of the Launceston General Hospital has rejected a Burnie pensioner's account of what happened when he was discharged without a ride home or friends or family to collect him.

    Page 12 - All areas of health covered at expo.  Central Coast will be lining for its annual health check when the Rotary Club of Ulverstone hosts its annual Health and Wellbeing expo tomorrow. 

Wednesday 21st October 2015

  • Page 8 - Salt may pave way for disease.  A new health study has found that a "Western diet" containing high amounts of salt not only raises a person's blood pressure, but could impair the body's immune system and expose it to chronic diseases including diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

    Page 10 - Hospital works add to concerns.  Psych staff attack fears.

    Page 13 - Diabetic cells trial.  A new clinical trial has been launched using stem cells to slow the advance of kidney disease caused by diabetes.

    Page 5 - No jab, no pay legislation passes.  A plan to cut childcare benefits from parents who fail to immunise their children is a step closer to passing Parliament.

    Page 8 - $43 dementia research boost.  Tasmanian researchers will benefit from the Commonwealth's $43 million investment in a fellowships scheme aimed at tackling the impacts of dementia and searching for ways to prevent and cure the disease.

    Page 13 - From pain to 'living' again.  Program aims to rewire brains to relieve constant suffering.