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Media Monitoring

Tuesday 10th November 2015

  • Page 6 - Cancer cure could be in DNA.  A $125 million gene-mapping revolution is set to transform the way Australians are treated for cancer, heart disease and a range of childhood diseases.

    Page 9 - Minister's denial on health insurance targets, but she'll let the people decide.  Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley has denied she's targeting smokers as part of health insurance reforms, but hasn't ruled out making changes that would see smokers pay more.

    Page 4 - Concern for pathology services.  Labor and the Greens say concerns remain that the government will privatise the state's pathology services despite State Growth Minister Matthew Groom saying it is against the Liberals' policy.

    Page 4 - $6.8 for university medical research.  Researchers at the University of Tasmania have received $6.8 million in federal funding to investigate a range of health and medical issues ranging from dementia to whether krill oil can prolong knee surgery.

    Page 8 - Treatment of fall victim 'appalling'.  A Burnie woman with a fractured pelvis had to wait in the rain for an hour and 20 minutes for an ambulance.

    Page 11 - Exercise, weight loss best of cancer. Cancer patients are turning to vitamin supplements instead of dramatically improving their chances of survival through exercise and losing weight, an expert has warned.

    Page 1 - 80-minute wait for ambulance.  Left in the rain.

    Page 11 - Sick feeling over reforms talk.  A Health Minister making a speech pledging to improve the system should be something that is greeted with great optimism.

    Page 14 - Ley denies plan to privatise.  Federal health minister Sussan Ley insists the government won't be heading down the same private health insurance path as the US and UK.

    Page 14 - Medical work given $600M.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be pumped into medical projects developing new drugs to remove scars and treat ice addiction, depression and pancreatic cancer.

    Page 14 - Push for MP breastfeeding.  Federal Parliament is being urged to allow its MPs to breastfeed their babies in the chamber.

Monday 9th November 2015

  • Page 2 - More gambling to scope with stress.  More Australians are turning to gambling to relive stress, and annual psychology survey has found.

    Page 5 - Tip for smokers to pay health penalty.  Charging smokers more for private health insurance may encourage people to kick the habit, the Australian Medical Association says.  ONLINE


    Page 9 - Health insurance may target smokers.  Charging smokers more for private health insurance may encourage people to kick the habit, the Australian Medical Association state president believes.