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Media Monitoring

Thursday 20th September 2018

  • Page 4 - Desperate steps to free up beds. Ferguson puts faith in doctors’ strategy. It's safe: Royal Hobart Hospital's executive clinical director Craig Quarmby gives details about the hospital's over capacity procedures. Health Minister Michael Ferguson has mounted a vigorous defence of a plan to put patients in alcoves, waiting bays and a room referred to by doctors as a storeroom, at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

    Page 4 - Discharge policy could have wider use. Clinicians have backed a proposed policy that would have patients placed in alcoves, a gym and a decommissioned consulting room as they wait to be discharged from the Royal Hobart Hospital.

    Wicking Dementia Centre weighs in on Royal Commission into aged care. A Royal Commission into aged care will be “like lancing a boil” – painful, but necessary. ONLINE

Monday 17th September 2018

  • Page 1 - CBD smoke ban plan. Smoking could be banned from public spaces across the entire Hobart CBD under a radical proposal to go before the city council tonight.

    Page 2 - Shocked PM puts aged care in dock. A landmark royal commission into Australia’s aged care system is expected to begin in the coming months, focusing on the widespread abuse and neglect of elderly Australians.

    Page 8 - Benefits of aspirin debunked.  An aspirin a day doesn’t keep the doctor away, a study has found. ONLINE

    Page 12 -  Aged care fix is needed. Prime Minister Scot Morrison’s announcement of a royal commission into aged care is a welcome one. Just three weeks into the job it is a sign that he is prepared to get on with the serious business of government. ONLINE

    Page 10 - ‘Tough’ commission for aged care sector. When Australians make the challenging decisions of how their older loved ones will be looked after, the prime minister says they need to have confidence in the nation’s aged care system.

    Page 3 - Meningococcal concerns. Pushing to fund the B strain vaccine. East Devonport’s Tracy Lee describes herself as a “worried parent just wanting the best for her kids and community” which is why she is calling on the government to cover the B strain meningococcal vaccine. ONLINE