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Media information brief December 2017 For media seeking commentary on health issues. Please note change of contact

The AMA is the peak advocacy body for Tasmanian doctors and aims to improve working environments and conditions, promote strong ethical values, maintain the independence of the doctor/patient relationship, as well as contribute to the development of the best possible health system for all Australians.

The AMA seeks to inform and educate the community on health matters and influence government policy on key public health issues to improve the health of the community.

Dr Stuart Day is the President of AMA Tasmania and is available to comment on topical health issues in the state. In addition, the AMA has access to a wide range of members with areas of expertise within the industry who are available to comment on specific topics.

For more information about AMA Tasmania visit

WHO: AMA Tasmania President Dr Stuart Day

AMA Tasmania spokespeople on specific health topics

WHAT: Commentary on all things health-related, including (but not

limited to):

 Doctors and GPs, including the retention of interns and junior doctors

 Funding for health

 Department of Emergency Medicine

 Chronic disease

 Medical research and training

 Hospitals in Tasmania

 Public health issues

 Private health in Tasmania

 Industrial relations

 Regional health issues in Tasmania

 Effects of illicit drugs

 Abortion

 Physician assisted suicide

 Psychiatry

 General health topics affecting the wider community.

CONTACT: Tony Steven, AMA Tasmania

Phone: 0409 219 368 or (03) 6223 2047


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