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ertificates by defining the information to be included certificates and also clarifying the standard of information that should be provided.

In addition the guidelines provide clarification as to the purpose of each field, how they should be completed, and it also provides examples of typical mistakes often made.

WorkCover encourages medical practitioners to review the guideline and ensure that their practices are consistent with the guide. Click here for a complete copy.

WorkCover Tasmania – New Model of Accreditation

WorkCover Tasmania is moving towards a new accreditation model for accreditation of medical practitioners in the Tasmanian Workers Compensation scheme.

Since early 2000 legislation requires medical practitioners to be accredited. Currently there are two types of accreditation:

  • Medical practitioners accredited to issue workers compensation medical certificates
  • Medical practitioners accredited to assess permanent impairment

Legislation also requires that for accreditation medical practitioners must have completed a course of training approved by the WorkCover Tasmania Board.

Current accreditation model to issue medical certificates

To receive medical certificate accreditation, medical practitioners are required to complete an accreditation kit which comprises of:

  • A reading guide
  • A multiple choice questionnaire that requires completion
  • An application form for accreditation

Medical practitioners are accredited for three years and re-accreditation requires a re-accreditation form to be completed.

New accreditation model

A new model of accreditation is under development which aims to provide:

  • A contemporary online accreditation and training process that is easy to use, flexible and saves time
  • An accreditation and training process that adequately prepares  and supports medical practitioners in their role, so that they have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities
  • A credible accreditation and training process that is underpinned by evidence-based medicine
  • Ongoing professional development to medical practitioners, in the form of CPD points
  • Access to resources/recommended reading on evidence-based practice such as the MD Guidelines
  • Ongoing specialised training modules

The new accreditation model will set out to achieve greater participation in training, by providing training that medical practitioners are willing to participate in and which will ultimately become an ongoing part of the accreditation and re-accreditation process.

Online accreditation and training

The online accreditation and training process will be provided via WorkCover’s website and paper-based kits will be made available to medical practitioners who do not have access to the Internet.

Under the new model, all new medical practitioners seeking accreditation to issue workers compensation certificates in Tasmania will need to complete a core module of training which will be:

  • relevant, interactive and educational
  • not overly onerous to participate in
  • written by doctors for doctors


WorkCover is seeking your feedback on the training content of the core module, provided as an overview in the PowerPoint presentation below. Comments and suggestions can be provided to WorkCover by sending an email Please provide your comments by 31 July 2012. 

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