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With music festival season in Tasmania just about to kick off, the AMA Tasmania is reminding festival goers to seek water and remain hydrated, look for shade, and keep an eye out for their friends while having a great time.

AMA Tasmania President, Dr Stuart Day, commented that the combination of hot weather and a party atmosphere could lead to trouble for some partygoers.

“We all love getting together with friends, listening to great music, and having fun,” Dr Day said.

“But sometimes, things can go wrong. It is easy to overindulge, overheat, or dehydrate.

“These days responsible festival organisers around Australia ensure that partygoers have access to free drinking water, shade, first aid services, and quiet areas where patrons to relax when they need a break and luckily our Tasmania festival organisers are no different.”

Dr Day reminded everyone that festival attendees had a role to play in ensuring their safety and that of others around them both whilst at the festival and during the travelling to and from, citing 18-25-year-old drivers remain over-represented in road trauma around Australia.

“Taking illicit substances is both illegal and dangerous, and can lead to tragedy,” Dr Day said.

 “Avoid risky behaviour, and drink plenty of water. Drinking too much alcohol is never a good idea, and it can be particularly bad for your health especially if you are spending long hours standing in the sun on a hot day.

 “Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sensible footwear, and keep an eye on the weather. Moreover, keep an eye out for your friends, to make sure they are not putting themselves in harm’s way.”


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