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AMA TAS Foundation


The AMA Tasmania Foundation established in 2006 exists separately to AMA Tasmania. The Foundation is capable of attracting funding, conducting charitable activities and managing public good activities that AMA Tasmania is unable to undertake. We are currently exploring tax deductibility status.

When it was decided to establish the AMA Tasmania Foundation the Board of Australian Medical Association Tasmania adopted the following statements: 

The AMA Tasmania Foundation’s mission is to improve medical conditions in areas of need, by raising funds to finance and implement:

•    management of the AMA Medical History Museum and Archive;

•    improved medical education,

•    vital medical research.


The decision of AMA Tasmania to establish a charitable Foundation came via a need to provide additional alternative means of financing essential services to people in need, for medical research, and education.

AMA Tasmania recognizes that there are occasions when additional assistance is necessary for the provision of medical services and treatment to the disadvantaged.  The AMA Tasmania Foundation is an avenue of help for such people.

AMA Tasmania places a high value on the training of young doctors and medical research in Tasmania.  Through the AMA Tasmania Foundation funds will be available for fellowships, financial assistance to medical students and medical research.


The AMA Medical History Collection is safely housed at the former Eye Clinic building at St John’s Hospital, South Hobart. This will become available to the public in due course, but most likely in a new venue.

Also, the AMA Tasmania Foundation has previously supported the Doctors Health Advisory Service now known as the Peer Support Service with the State Office being the local point of contact.

Furthermore, in the past, the Foundation supported Men's Health Initiative (MISTA) it was a joint initiative of the AMA Tasmania Foundation, RACT and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia to raise the profile of Tasmanian men's health issues.


The current office bearers are:

•    Dr Chris Middleton (Chair)

•    A/Prof Tim Greenaway (Deputy Chair)

•    Dr Bryan Walpole

•    Dr Phillip Thomson

•    Company Secretary is Mr Tony Steven


(ABN 71 793 001 155)

For more information, read the AMA Tasmania Foundation Constitution last amended 7th May 2011.




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