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President of the AMA in Tasmania Dr John Davis called on the Government today to formally release the KPMG report and the leaked RDME report commissioned by the former THS Governing Council.

If, as suggested by government, the “numbers” in these reports are wrong then a full and detailed explanation and facts sheets showing the errors must be provided.

It is critical we get to the bottom of the alleged $100 Million short fall in Health Funding in Tasmania. 

Dr Davis said, “We mustn’t let this drop, it too important, the Tasmanian community need to know that the health system is being fully funded. There are too many other stressors on the system now to leave money in the bank”.

The staff in our hospitals need this information in order to plan and deliver health care to the Tasmanian community.

Dr Davis calls on the Treasurer to assure and show us that health is fully funded.

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