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Media release

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

‘Save the Royal’ campaign strengthened through partnership with local GPs

AMA Tasmania and the ANMF Tasmanian branch’s ‘Save the Royal’ campaign has been strengthened with postcards are now being distributed to general practices around Hobart thanks to a partnership with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Tasmania. 

The campaign was launched earlier this month to lobby State Health Minister Michael Ferguson to address the continuous under-resourcing issues at the Royal Hobart Hospital. 

The ‘Save the Royal’ campaign has seen thousands of postcards distributed to AMA and ANMF members, as well as RHH staff and patients.

The postcards are addressed to the Hobart office of Minister Ferguson and urge him to take immediate action to address the lack of patient beds at the Royal and to increase staff numbers to adequately cover the current patient flow and long waiting lists. This is even more important during the B block demolition and the construction of the new main building.

AMA Tasmania Council Chair Dr Chris Middleton said that for too long the RHH has struggled to meet the needs of the Tasmanian public.

“The RHH has only 45 per cent of the beds in Tasmania but 55 per cent of the workload,” said Dr Middleton.

“The message is simple; we need more beds and the nurses to staff them at the RHH.

“These measures will enable the timely and safe flow of patients out of the Emergency Department whilst allowing elective patients into RHH for their procedures. 

“Inadequate bed numbers and poor planning for peak demand periods lead to long waits in the Emergency Department, elective surgical cancellations, and patients being placed at significant risk of increased sickness and death.”


Media statement

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

AMA Tasmania responds to RHH bed capacity to increase by 250 beds media release issued by Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson

AMA Tasmania welcomes the news the current redevelopment of the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) will provide capacity for an additional 250 patient beds upon completion.

In announcing the increased bed capacity, Minister Ferguson has acknowledged there is a significant deficit of hospital beds in the state, a view AMA Tasmania has shared for a long period of time.

However it will be nearly three years until these proposed beds are operational, the severe shortage of staffed beds needs to be addressed immediately.

An increase of just 30 to 40 beds, and the appropriate number of staff to service those beds would substantially improve the current bed block, enabling the timely and safe flow of patients out of the Emergency Department whilst allowing elective patients into RHH for their procedures.

AMA Tasmania would also like to point out that while the Government may say it has maintained the same number of physical beds, there has been significant reshuffling of beds further reducing bed capacity in some areas, particularly for short-stay post-operative patients. In some cases, beds have been replaced with chairs and trolleys.

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