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08 May 2018

The AMA welcomes tonight’s Budget announcement of a range of initiatives to improve access to health services for rural and regional Australians.

AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, said that many of the initiatives – outlined in the Stronger Rural Health Strategy as part of the Health Budget – are a direct response to AMA rural health policies and the AMA Budget Submission.

“We welcome the Government’s strong focus in this Budget on improving access to doctors in underserviced communities, particularly rural Australia,” Dr Gannon said.

Published: 08 May 2018

08 May 2018
The Federal Budget is notable as much as for what is not in it as for what is, AMA President Dr Michael Gannon says.

Published: 08 May 2018

21 Oct 2017

The AMA today congratulated Professor Paul Worley on his appointment to the new position of National Rural Health Commissioner.

Welcoming the appointment, AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, said that Professor Worley is a highly respected member of the profession who has made a substantial contribution to rural health over many years.

“Professor Worley has a big job ahead of him, and he will have the full support of the AMA and other groups with a commitment to improving access to quality health services in rural, regional, and remote Australia,” Dr Gannon said.

Published: 21 Oct 2017

18 Apr 2017

It is critical that new visa arrangements strike the right balance between filling vacancies with locally trained graduates and ensuring that communities, particularly in rural and regional Australia, have enough doctors with the appropriate specialist skills and experience to meet patient need, the AMA says.

Published: 18 Apr 2017

09 Mar 2017

The AMA has made a submission to the review of distribution of medical school places around the country, arguing that while some redistribution is needed, it is not the sole solution for the rural and regional medical workforce.

Published: 09 Mar 2017

08 Mar 2017

An Australian Tax Office plan to tax some scholarship programs aimed at addressing medical workforce shortages could hit rural and regional Australia, the AMA has warned.

Published: 08 Mar 2017