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29 Nov 2017

Transcript:  AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, with Red Symons, ‘Breakfast’, ABC Radio Melbourne, 29 November 2017

Subject: Revalidation – New Health Checks for Doctors over the age of 70

RED SYMONS:   Now, I had a curious thing happen recently - 14 minutes past seven - I had an appointment that had been set up for some time with the doctor and I went at the appointed hour to have the meeting with the doctor and he had a sickie.

Published: 29 Nov 2017

29 Sep 2017

The AMA has urged the COAG Health Council to adopt the Western Australian model of mandatory reporting provisions for doctors seeking treatment for mental health and stress-related conditions.

The Council has released a consultation paper on developing nationally consistent laws, following concerns that current laws that require treating practitioners to notify authorities about doctors who seek help are a major barrier to doctors accessing the care and support they need.

Published: 29 Sep 2017

10 Aug 2017

After months of lobbying and advocacy from the Federal and State AMAs, the nation's Health Ministers have agreed to develop a nationally consistent approach to mandatory reporting provisions for doctors.

Published: 10 Aug 2017