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22 Nov 2017

Conditions on Manus Island could be a recipe for disaster, AMA President Dr Michael Gannon says.

Published: 22 Nov 2017

18 Nov 2017

"The AMA stands ready to work with the Government to select an expert group of doctors to independently assess and report on the health of these asylum seekers on Manus Island, and report back to the Government and the Australian people." - AMA President Dr Michael Gannon

Published: 18 Nov 2017

07 Nov 2017

Transcript:  AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, with Geoff Hutchison, ABC Radio Perth, Tuesday 7 November 2017

Topics:  Health of Asylum Seekers


GEOFF HUTCHISON:   Michael Gannon, good morning.

MICHAEL GANNON:   Good morning, Geoff.

GEOFF HUTCHISON:   Why do you feel the need to buy into the Manus situation?

Published: 07 Nov 2017

07 Nov 2017
The AMA has called for greater transparency around the arrangements for 600 men who are refusing to leave the Manus Island detention centre, saying the secrecy does not help the Government's case.

Published: 07 Nov 2017

31 Oct 2016
AMA Vice President Dr Tony Bartone spoke with Sky News about the fatigue risks facing doctors and how it affects doctor wellbeing and patient care. He also talked about changes to Australia's immigration policy about asylum seekers

Published: 31 Oct 2016

AMA President Prof Brian Owler - SBS - Health care of Asylum Seekers, Baby Asha

AMA President Professor Brian Owler talks about the health care of asylum seekers and baby Asha.