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Informed Financial Consent – a collaboration between doctors and patients

23 Jul 2019

Assisting patients to understand their health care and its costs.

Navigating the health system is difficult for most people, but even harder when you are sick or disadvantaged.

Medical practitioners know how important it is to ensure their patients understand about their treatment options, and the need to support them in understanding about the fees and costs associated with that care.

The AMA has a long history in advocating that medical practitioners engage in quality informed financial consent. The AMA has worked with a range of key medical organisations to create a comprehensive resource that supports a collaboration between doctors and their patients.

This document supports patients to be more engaged in conversations with their doctors, with their health fund and with their choice of hospital. It assists in creating a dialogue that will improve transparency about treatment options, charges and expected out-of-pocket costs.

 Additional information and resources can be found at our Informed Financial Consent page – see link below.

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Published: 23 Jul 2019