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The South Australian Hospital Health Check survey is now live! If you’re a doctor in training falling anywhere along the intern to fellow production line, this survey is for you.

Filled out a million surveys about doctors’ working conditions and wellbeing before? Not like this one you haven’t.

This survey is being run by the AMA and looks at factors including overtime, access to leave, wellbeing, bullying and harassment. Your responses will help us provide each hospital in the state with grades related to how the hospital performs in each area.

These results will be a powerful advocacy tool when calling for improvements across our hospital sites. The survey has previously been run in other states where the results have made an impact – staff numbers have been increased, senior hospital leadership has been removed and replaced and wellbeing plans have been formulated.

This year, the Hospital Health Check is going national. This means that we can compare South Australian hospitals to other hospitals around the country. We also plan to run the survey annually to hold our hospitals to account and assess whether any promised changes are being made.

Share your experiences and be a part of the #AMAhospitalhealthcheck.