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Does your workplace need help with resolving a conflict through mediation?

If your practice is experiencing an internal conflict or disagreement and you need support to resolve the issue, consider offering mediation. Workplace mediation is an effective alternative dispute resolution method that can assist the conflicted parties to work through any issues, examine the problem and ultimately arrive at an optimal solution on agreed terms.

An Accredited Mediator is a neutral and independent facilitator, who is trained to use a wide variety of techniques to guide the process in a constructive direction and to help the parties find their own optimal solution. The parties examine the real problems, large or small. They then create and agree upon an outcome that meets their needs and addresses their concerns.

AMA(SA) offers members a 10% discount for workplace mediation services offered by Gina Nardone, co-founder of PeopleVision. Gina says ‘We all know how unresolved issues can negatively impact business productivity and the mental health of those involved. Workplace disagreements are best tackled early and mediation can assist to resolve the conflict before it escalates into a legal matter or compensation claim.’

Gina Nardone is a legally qualified Nationally Accredited Mediator and holds professional membership with the Resolution Institute. Gina is skilled at mediating workplace and return to work disputes. She will lead parties through a dynamic yet structured and interactive process to attempt to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome.

Contact your AMA(SA) Membership Officer for a confidential discussion and initiate your referral now on (08) 8361 0108.

Gina Nardone, PeopleVision


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