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AMA(SA) welcomes WCH co-location with RAH

AMA(SA) Media Release  

AMA(SA) media releaseThe AMA(SA) welcomes the announcement of a preferred site for a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital co-located alongside the new RAH, as promised in the Liberal Government’s pre-election policy platform.

The AMA(SA) has advocated strongly over many years for a combined Women’s and Children’s Hospital to be co-located with the RAH. “The AMA(SA) has been advocating for this move across five presidents’ terms of office,” said AMA(SA) state president A/Prof William Tam. “We started talking about it in the lead-up to the 2010 state election and it has been on our list ever since.”

“It has been a long journey to get here but we are tremendously glad to see this vital component of our health system moving forward. We certainly hope the government will accept the recommendations of the Task Force.”

“There are many great things to say about our current Women’s and Children’s Hospital, but it is an aging structure with clinical service limitations. But the most critical issue that co-location addresses is that, in emergencies, pregnant women need access to specialist care they can’t get on the present site. Co-location alongside the RAH will provide significant safety improvements for women, babies and children. Clinical safety has been the AMA(SA)’s consistent message and we are pleased our message has been heard”.

“Co-location is increasingly the norm, and what other services aspire to. There is a national push to have co-location of women’s, children’s and adult hospitals. No one is building standalone hospitals, or wanting to maintain them, where they have the opportunity to bring them into a precinct.”

“We have been hearing a lot about costs and the affordability of health lately; these need to be managed, but I would urge the people of South Australia to view a new WCH as an investment in the future health care of our women and children.”

“We thank the Taskforce for their efforts and look forward to seeing the report once it is released.”

“It will be crucial that doctors and others involved in delivering care have a key role in the planning of the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital. We are all aware of the experience of the new RAH and the issues that arise when clinicians are ignored. I hope the expensive mistakes of the past will not be repeated with the planning of this important asset, which will serve the future healthcare for women, babies and children in this state for decades to come.”

“We also think it is timely that a new WCH stimulates a rejuvenated focus on a broader vision for children and young people, including dusting off the previous, abandoned work on a child health services plan for SA. We need a plan for children and young people that covers the spectrum from hospital to community care, including prevention and early intervention.”

4 December 2018 | Contact: A/Prof William Tam 8361 0109