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News for GPs from SA Health re Virtual Clinical Care (VCC) 

Update for Members | Information from SA Health | May 2018 

Do you have a patient with a chronic condition?
Virtual Clinical Care (VCC) could  help them to better manage their condition from home.

The VCC Home Tele-Monitoring Service has been monitoring the health of people with chronic diseases, such as respiratory, cardiac and diabetes-related conditions, in country SA since April 2015.

VCC uses home tele-monitoring technology to provide additional support following discharge from hospital or to detect changes in an individual’s health, enabling early intervention to avoid hospitalisation.

Clients are provided with equipment so that they can measure their clinical signs from the comfort of their own home. Information from this equipment and from client interviews is transmitted to a secure database monitored by health professionals who detect any changes in the client’s condition and follow up as required.

Many country GPs have clients who have received this service and have accessed results on the clinical database to help inform treatment options.

From March 2018, an expansion of the VCC service commenced with a four-month trial of a VCC Monitoring Hub. The Hub is staffed by experienced chronic disease nurses who monitor clients on a daily basis and follow up with the client and their local health care team if changes in the client’s condition are detected.

The VCC Monitoring Hub will enable Country Health SA to support more people through home tele-monitoring. Referrals will be accepted from GPs and clinicians working in Country Health SA hospital or community-based services.

To refer a client for VCC services, use the Country Health Connect Community Health Service Referral Form.

For more information about the Virtual Clinical Care Home Tele-Monitoring Service or the role of the VCC Monitoring Hub, email