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Following release of CALHN Accreditation Report, including the Royal Adelaide Hospital, AMA South Australia State President A/Pof William Tam made the following statement.

“The AMA(SA) urges SA Health to work closely with clinicians to resolve outstanding issues at the RAH.”

“Doctors, nurses and the broader team at the new RAH are working hard to make the most of this brand new facility and the promise it offers. But there are clearly issues that remain to be resolved. The most important priority is the safety and quality of the care, and any issues raised by accrediting agencies – or those working on the ground in the hospital – must be addressed as a matter of urgent priority.”

“In the lead-up to the election the AMA(SA) called for a clinician-led audit and testing of RAH facilities, saying that ‘A collaborative process is required to address several urgent matters at the RAH to ensure quality care.’ While for some time the focus has been on the RAH infrastructure, IT and equipment, the governance and processes within the hospital – and at other CALHN hospitals – to ensure safe, high quality care, are equally important.”

“The report from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards highlights a range of areas to be addressed. The public can be reassured that the risks have been assessed as low or moderate. But risks are still risks, and it is important that all standards are passed. Our community and our patients deserve no less.

“The issues flagged include such areas as risk management processes, medication management, training, and patient discharge. These are all important areas, and the report highlights the importance of strong clinical governance processes.”

“The report acknowledges the disruption of the move from the old to the new RAH, and senior staff changes. But the AMA(SA) would like to see better engagement by management with clinicians delivering services.”

“The AMA(SA) will be holding SA Health to account to see that these issues are addressed, and that doctors and nurses are supported by sound governance and management processes, allowing them to focus on what is most important of all – the best care of patients.”