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SA Membership

Membership of the AMA(SA) is open to medical practitioners who are registered to practice medicine in South Australia. South Australian medical practitioners who have retired from active practice may retain their AMA(SA) membership, should they wish to do so. A special category of student membership is also available to medical students who are studying medicine at a South Australian university. Click here to join online (for medical practitioners) or call us on (08) 8361 0108.

AMA(SA) membership includes membership of the federal AMA, and the associated benefits of national advocacy, services and resources.

When moving states, AMA members may to transfer their AMA membership to their new state of residence. 

The AMA is broadly representative of the medical profession, including those working in public and private practice and every specialty, including general practice, and also medical practitioners who are still completing their vocational training or have not specialised. 

The membership year is annual, with membership dues being due for renewal at the end of December each year. Members may elect to pay annually or monthly (which can be done by automatic direct debit).

AMA membership is tax deductible and membership dues may be wholly or partly claimable against your Professional Development Allowance. Membership includes subscription to the Medical Journal of Australia and other resources and publications.

Medical practitioners undertaking academic appointments, on sabbatical, overseas, on parental leave, retired, or in special circumstances may be able to access special rates.

AMA(SA) members agree to observe the principles stated in the Declaration of Geneva, abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the AMA(SA) and the AMA Code of Ethics, together with the requirements of any other branch or division of the AMA to which they at the time belong.

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