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South Australia needs an evidence-based clinician-led health system that puts people first.

It’s time for more collaboration and mutual respect between politicians, SA Health and clinicians, rather than a culture of blame shifting.

The following represent the key priorities identified by the AMA(SA) to help create the health system South Australians deserve.



  • As the SA State Election grows closer, we are starting to hear more about the health policies of the various parties. Most recently, the Australian Conservatives have written to the AMA(SA) with their response to our Key Priorities for Health, provided by Upper House member Robert Brokenshire.It...
  • On Friday 9 February as Premier Jay Weatherill tackled COAG and the ANMF decried the lack of policies from former No Pokies man and SA state senator, now state election candidate Nick Xenophon, Mr Xenophon release some more health policies. On the table already were a proposal to increase the age...
  • Health is important to everyone, but how is it travelling in the upcoming SA State Election? Is it getting the policy prescriptions it needs? Here we look at what the Liberal Party has just announced ... future articles will provide updates on where Labor, the Greens, and SA Best are at, health-...