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SA Ambulance Service call changes

The SA Ambulance service has advised of upcoming changes for Health Care Professionals when requesting ambulance attendance by SA Ambulance Service. Below is the advice they have provided for health care professionals. Also, attached below is a PDF FAQ and a copy of the letter to health professionals wihich is also reproduced in edited form below.

Communication from SA Ambulance Service: 
Change to triple zero (000) triage procedure for Health Care Professionals

From 10 September 2014 SA Ambulance Service will be making a change to the process for when health care professionals call to book an ambulance.

Currently Health Care Professionals do not have to go through the MPDS when they call 000 for an ambulance. The change that will come into place on 10 September requires health care professionals to be triaged through the MPDS every time they call 000 for an ambulance, like any other caller 

SA Ambulance Service advises that the change is being implemented for a number of reasons, with the most important one being the safety of patients. When you call 000, you will now be required to go through the SA Ambulance Service Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) triage process. They advise that this process will ensure your patient gets the priority ambulance response they need, based on their clinical presentation, and ensure a consistent approach to prioritisation of all calls for ambulance attendance.

SA Ambulance Service states that "Importantly, SA Ambulance Service clinicians will have all of the information they need prior to attending patients, as this information is gleaned through the MPDS process. There have been occasions where we have not been made aware of the full details of a patient’s condition prior to dispatch, which means our crews cannot be fully prepared to provide the best possible treatment to their patients. Please note that this change in process will not affect the current process in place for hospital staff requesting ambulance attendance."

SA Ambulance Service advise that "while it may take slightly longer when calling 000, it will improve the level of
service we are able to provide to all of our patients"

Please share this information with your staff. Below is a fact sheet outlining the new 000 process.

28 July 2014

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