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Past presidents of the BMA/AMA in South Australia


The help of members and others is sought for the AMA(SA) to collect and collate photographs of past presidents of the Association for the years 1847-1972 and information on all past presidents. We seek to compile photographs and biographies for each past president of the AMA(SA). (Much better records are held for presidents in the years 1972 onwards). The * signifies presidents for whom we particularly seek additional information/photos.

If you have access to photographs of past presidents of the AMA(SA), or biographical information, we would be glad to receive them, or copies of them (electronic or print). If you may be able to assist, please contact Dr David Fenwick (Historical Committee Chair) on 8361 0101 or by email.

Past Presidents of the BMA (SA) and subsequently the AMA(SA)

William Christie Gosse1879-80
*TW Corbin1880-81
*WT Clindening1881-82
William M Gardner1883-84
Charles Gosse1884-85
William Thornborough Haywood1885-86
Joseph Cooke Verco1886-87 (&1915-20)
J Davies Thomas1887-88
Edward C Stirling1888-89
William Lennox Cleland1889-90
JAG Hamilton1890-91
MJ Symons1891-92
*EW Way1892-93
Benjamin Poulton1893-94 (& 1912-14)
Archibald Watson1894-95
Thomas Kinley Hamilton1895-96
Alfred Austin Lendon1896-97
Anstey W Giles1897-98
Harry Swift1898-99
RH Marten1899-1900
*R Brummitt1900-01
Charles E Todd1901-02
AA Hamilton1902-03
*RH Jay1903-04
CW Hamilton1904-05
AA Lendon1905-06
*EW Morris1906-07 (& 1914-15)
*JH Evans1907-08
Alexander Matheson Morgan1908-09
*WA Verco1909-10
WT Hayward1910-11
Frank ('Pa') Sandland Hone1911-12
B Poulton1912-14 (&1893-94)
EW Morris1914-15 (&1906-07)
JC Verco1915-20 (&1886-87)
Henry Simpson Newland1920-21
Bronte Smeaton1921-22
Thomas George Wilson1922-23
James Riddell1923-24
*Scott F Steele1924-25
CT Champion de Crespigny1925-26
HHE Russell1926-27
Robert Henry Pulleine1927-28
John Corbin1928-29
*Henry Gilbert1929-30
*CEC Wilson1930-31
AV Benson1931-32
*F StJ Poole1932-33
Edmund Britten Jones1933-34
Leonard CE Lindon1934-35
Darcy RW Cowan1935-36
AF Stokes1936-37
*RE Magarey1937-38
Percival TS Cherry1938-39
*M Erichsen1939-40
*RJ Verco1940-43
Ernest Albert Harold Russell1943-44
HM Jay1944-45
Brian Herbert Swift1945-46
Leonard R Mallen1946-47
Frederick (Fred) Lawrence Wall1947-48
Allan D Lamphee1948-49
Clarence OF Rieger1949-51
*RL Thorald Grant1951-51
Bill S (?) Hanson1952-53
*Sholto Douglas1953-54
Ivan Bede Jose1954-55
Graham L Bennett1955-56
Melville Ernest Chinner1956-57
Peter W Verco1957-58
Clifford C Jungfer1958-59
George T Gibson1959-60
*RGC De Crespigny1960-61
R McM Glynn1961-62
Richard H Oaten1962-63
John M Dwyer1963-64
Noel J Bonnin1964-65
Mark Y Sheppard1965-66
Ken C Crafter1966-67
Philip S Woodruff1967-68
Robert Steele1968-69
Rupert J Magarey1969-70
Owen W Bowering1970-71
Robert Hecker1971-72
Peter E Mellows1972-73
Maurice J Sando1973-74
Brian D Cowling1974-75
Randal St J Butler1975-76
James F Harley1976-77
Trevor G Pickering1977-78
William S Lawson1978-79
Max C Moore1979-80
Jeanette T Linn1980-81
Brian L Cornish1981-82
David McM King1982-83
Richard T Southwood1983-84
Richard J Kimber1984-85
David C Gill1985-86
Lehonde L Hoare1986-88
Peter C Joseph1988-90
Philip E Harding1990-92
Jillian F Maxwell1992-94
John G Emery1994-96
Trevor J Mudge1996-98
Rodney D Pearce1998-00
Michael S Rice2000-02
Joe Levy2002-03
William F Heddle2003-05
Christopher M Cain2005-07
Peter W Ford2007-09
Andrew J Lavender2009-11
Peter H Sharley2011-13
Patricia Montanaro2013 - 2015
Janice Fletcher2015 - Current