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The Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia was formed in 1879 as "The Militia Officers' Club of South Australia" in the old barracks behind the present State Library. In 1894 the name was changed to the "Naval and Military Club of South Australia" with the introduction of the South Australian Naval Officers. To fully reflect the membership of the time, "Air Force" was added in 1943. The Club has now grown to its current format of a much wider membership that embraces professional and business men and women, as well as serving and retired officers from all three services.

Situated on the eastern side of the city, the Club is within easy walking distance of the central business district, cultural and entertainment attractions and shopping.

From black tie events, to monthly wine luncheons, Friday afternoon Aperitivos, Business forums and breakfasts, historical lectures and holiday parties, there is always something happening at The Club.

The AMA(SA) memorandum of understand with the Club is:

  • Two approved members of the AMA can join the NMAFC for the price of one Ordinary member for one trial year. The trial year will start from the date of the payment of the membership fee which will be $675.00 for each person.
  • At the expiry of the trial year, the full Ordinary membership fee plus voucher will be paid by each person.
  • Members pricing will be paid by the AMA members joining the NMAFC for all Club services.
  • As NMAFC members, private functions may be held on a price on application basis.

The NMAFC agrees to offer AMA members under 40 membership in the category of Young Member however there will be no discount on the fee for this class of membership. Note; the young members rate is 25% of full fees, or $1 per day.

Dining Bookings

To make a booking for the club's Dining Room, please call the club on (08) 8223 2422.

Accommodation Enquiries

For online enquiries about their (global) accommodation opportunities, click here