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The membership year runs from 1 January - 31 December but new memberships are welcome throughout the year, with pro-rata rates available.

2018 RATES

Membership CategoryCodeAnnual feeMonthly fee
1st year after graduationF1Y1$332.40$27.70
2nd year after graduationF2Y1$424.80$35.40
3rd year after graduationF3Y1$550.20$45.85
4th year after graduationF4Y1$712.80$59.40
5th year after graduation (& subsequent years an RMO)F5Y1$919.20$76.60
Private Practitioner (Specialist)FPS1$1545.60$128.80
Private Practitioner (GP)FPP1$1546.60$128.88
Salaried Medical Officers (SMO) - OtherFSS1/FADF$1546.60$128.88
Salaried Medical Officer - Part Time (up to 5 half days per week)FPT1M$945.00$78.75
GP Part Time (up to 5 half days per week)FPT1G$945.00$78.75
Specialist - Part-Time (up to 5 half days per week)FPT1S$945.00$78.75
Not more than 2 half days or 1 full day per weekFPH1/FPT1$406.20$33.85
Members over the age of 70 (in practice)FVV1$763.20$63.60
Academic/Postgraduate (Non-Practising)FAA1/FPG1$1383$115.25
Overseas including all servicesFBB1$919.00$76.65
Permanently retiredFRR1$338.40$28.20
Salaried Medical Officer with PP Rights FSR1$1545.60$128.80