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Fitness to Drive Self Assessments

Fitness to Drive Self Assessments - Change from 1 July 2015 

Update from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, 24 June 2015 

A new Fitness to Drive Self Assessment process applies (from 1 July 2015).

From the age of 75, drivers who only have a car license and do not already have a pre-existing medical condition that is being assessed by a medical practitioner will receive the Self Assessment annually.

They must answer 11 questions on their fitness to drive and will only need to visit a medical practitioner or an optometrist if they answer 'unsure' or 'yes' to any of the questions. A sample of the new self assessment can be found linked below, as a PDF document.

The self assessment is mandatory and was introduced following the removal of medical testing requirements for drivers aged 70 and over (from 1 September 2014) to enable older drivers to self assess their fitness to drive and help ensure the safety of all road users. In South Australia, more than 70 percent of drivers aged 75 or older have a medical condition which requires a regular Certificate of Fitness assessment to be completed by their doctor.

For the remaining drivers, the self-assessment will allow them to consider and assess their own fitness to drive to help ensure they are not placing themselves or other road users at risk. Research shows that you are more likely to be involved in a road crash if you have a medical condition. 

Drivers will automatically be sent a self assessment as they approach their 75th birthday and annually thereafter.

Health practitioners are required to notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles anytime they consider a driver is temporarily or permanently unfit to drive.

Drivers themselves must also report any medical condition that they have, or that develops at any time that could affect their ability to drive safely.

You can find out more on the  My Licence website here.

Note for members: The AMA(SA) has had some engagement with government on this process, as well as on previous iterations of the regular Certificate of Fitness, in order to pass on feedback from the profession, and has suggested that the current form be reviewed in 3-6 months following feedback from the profession. Any members with comments or feedback are welcome to contact us at

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