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Find a doctor

The place to go when you want to find colleagues and specialists for a referral. It enables you to search for a doctor, anywhere in Australia, by name, address or discipline. The search provides a doctor’s name, specialty, current practice contact details and a scalable map that can be printed and provided to patients. Go to

Maximise your tax benefits

Your membership is tax deductible. As a doctor in training your first tax return is free via our member partner Hood Sweeney, plus you receive a 20% discount on all accounting services thereafter. All other member classifications receive a 10% discount for their accounting services. Start the road to good accounting practices early in your career and reap the rewards. Contact

Ready to employ?

Most doctors in private medical practice are not employees. You may operate your business as a sole trader, partnership, company or trust, or some combination of these. You may have business partners to work with. Some practices set up service companies to handle the administrative side of the business, including employing staff. The Guide to employment law for medical practices is now available online, at

Reduce your lifestyle expenses

Your AMA(SA) membership card doubles as an Ambassador Card. Use it to maximise savings at supermarkets, travel centres, beauty and retail outlets and even leisure activities or membership with fitness centres such as the Goodlife Health Clubs. Access from your Smartphone via