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Amendments to the Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations 2011

The AMA(SA) has been informed of changes to the Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations 2011 (the Poisons Regulations) that came into operation on 11 July 2013. 

The changes advised as of most relevance to medical practitioners are:

  • The requirement under regulation 37(2) that a registered health practitioner must not prescribe or supply a drug of dependence for use by a person without first examining the person unless the prescribing or supply is in circumstances of a verifiable emergency has been removed. A medical practitioner needs to take account of the Technology Based Patient Consultations Guidelines published by the Medical Board of Australia when deciding if it is appropriate to prescribe or supply a drug of dependence for a person without examining the person.
  • There are exemptions for prescribers from the requirements under regulations 33 and 34 about how prescriptions are given and written if a medication chart prescription is given for a medicine that may be supplied under the Medication Charts Program and the conditions specified for the program are met. The exemptions will enable implementation of the program in South Australia when the program comes into operation on a national basis. The program is part of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement.
  • There is an authorisation under regulation 18(3) for a registered health practitioner of a class determined by the Minister to administer an S4 drug (vaccine) if the administration is in accordance with the Vaccine Administration Code published by the Department for Health and Ageing and provided all the other requirements of regulation 18(3) are met. Registered nurses are a class of registered health practitioners determined by the Minister for the purposes of the authorisation.
  • The restriction under regulation 20 on prescribing by a midwife whose registration is endorsed under section 94 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law as qualified to prescribe scheduled medicines has been removed. A midwife acting in the ordinary course of his or her profession whose registration is endorsed with a scheduled medicines endorsement is authorised to prescribe scheduled medicines in accordance with that endorsement.
  • A pharmacist is permitted under regulation 21(2)(g) to supply an S4 drug (a statin or the oral contraceptive pill) without dispensing a prescription if the supply is in accordance with the conditions specified for the Continued Dispensing Program. The program is part of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement between the Australian Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

    Additional information about the changes to the Poisons Regulations is at the document below.

Updated as of 30 August 2013

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