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Comments from AMA(SA) State President Associate Professor William Tam

“The proposal of a royal commission is new to the AMA(SA). It is not something we have called for or been consulted on. We will consider the proposal, but at this point it looks expensive and expansive. More detail would be needed, and there would need to be a guarantee that this would not be an expensive and time-consuming exercise that would take money away from the provision of frontline health services, and delay needed changes.”

“A royal commission which goes back to look at problems is not a substitute for health policies and initiatives which we need now to improve the health of South Australians.”

“The AMA(SA) has put out a range of policy recommendations and we call on politicians of all persuasions to commit to those measures, identified by doctors working on the front lines of our health services.”

“The AMA(SA) agrees there are real problems in health - and we have provided solutions in our Elections Priorities - such as an independent clinical data analytics unit to provide transparent information to both judge the health system and make constructive recommendations.”

“Our door remains open to anyone wanting to talk health policy in the lead-up to this state election.”