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Health is important to everyone, but how does it fare in the forthcoming State Election commitments? Is it receiving the policy prescriptions it needs? Here we look at what the Liberal Party has just announced.

On  Sunday 4 February 2018, the SA Liberal Party launched its 2018 state election campaign, with its 'Strong Plan for Real Change'. Liberal leader Steven Marshall described it as 'not just a collection of policies; it’s a series of achievable milestones that have been crafted for the long-term benefit of our state". The theme was "more jobs, lower costs and better services', as the media release states here.

The policy set seems to offer more for health than last election, which can only be a good thing. But what exactly is on the table?

For the convenience of AMA(SA) members, and others with an interest and concern on health matters, the Liberal Party's health-related policies - and some with a health angle - are collated below.

We will also be reporting on the health announcements of other parties, and responses to the AMA(SA)'s pre-election policy platform - our Election Priorities 2018: A People-First Health Strategy for South Australia

For now though, here is a quick overview of what the 'Strong Plan' offers, health-wise. AMA(SA) members' feedback is welcome.



Titles are based on Liberal Policy document descriptions.

Published 5 February 2018. Updated 23 February 2018.