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As the SA State Election grows closer, we are starting to hear more about the health policies of the various parties. Most recently, the Australian Conservatives have written to the AMA(SA) with their response to our Key Priorities for Health, provided by Upper House member Robert Brokenshire.

It includes:

  • ensuring that clinical-led decision making is a priority within our health care system
  • supporting the trialing and implementation of a clinical senate and a clinical analytics unit to provide independent strategy and clinical advice to Government
  • frequent and transparent reviews of our hospital system and an in-depth independent review of the EPAS system
  • expanded service delivery at the Modbury, Noarlunga and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals
  • an urgent review conducted and informed by clinicians to ensure that hospital services reflect the needs of the community and that any vulnerabilities are both identified and rectified
  • a co-located Women’s and Children’s Hospital at such time that the project can be paid for an implemented appropriately. Separating to two divisions within the hospital is not appropriate
  • many country and rural GPs simply do not have appropriate infrastructure, resources or funding to manage the health demand in their areas which leads to additional and unnecessary clogging of emergency departments. We strongly support appropriate funding at both the State and Federal level to ensure that there is sufficient access to health care for all
  • a clinician-designed referral pathway inclusive of communications protocol to ensure timely information regarding patient care be communicated between differing health care services and to effectively support transition between services
  • establishment of a committee, informed by clinicians and the community needs, to determine what services are most needed in rural and remote areas. Funding for mental health, lack of support services, availability of qualified staff and available facilities would form part of this inquiry. The Mental Health committee would be required to report their findings and recommendations to a newly established Rural and Regional Standing Committee and to parliament
  • Australian Conservatives supports the position of the AMA in relation to Training and Research

  • creating specialist services for mental health will prevent the unnecessary clogging of emergency services and best serve this vulnerable section of South Australians

  • acting now to ensure appropriate funding for mental health infrastructure and support so that any increase in patients requiring assistance over the next 10 years will be provided for

  • implementation of a mental health registry to further mental health policy and patient outcomes.

  • Australian Conservatives also support the call by Palliative Care SA for the parliament to invest $24.5 million to improve access to palliative care services:

    • $14m a year to support people in their final stage of life at home, with the help of their GP and a community of palliative care nurses.
    • $4m a year to make sure this care is available 24/7 not just during office hours.
    • $6m a year to integrate palliative care into chronic disease clinics; and
    • $400K a year to provide up-to-date, reviewed information about palliative care to the community.
  • advocating for better working conditions, with clinicians encouraged to seek appropriate early intervention and professional help without fear of career consequences. Further investigation into an appropriate system to ensure both the health and welfare of the clinician and patients’ needs are adequately balanced and addressed
  • The culture of bullying within the public sector must end and all appropriate measures to ensure this behavior stops must be taken

You can read the full response at the PDF below.


12 February 2018