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AMA South Australia awards local doctors with international impact

Each year, the Australian Medical Association (South Australia) bestows three very special awards at its annual Charity Gala Dinner. This year’s dinner was held on Saturday, 19 May, and saw awards presented to three outstanding South Australian doctors:

AMA(SA) Medical Educator Award – Dr Stephen B Kinnear, anaesthetist

AMA(SA) President A/Prof William Tam said: “One of the very rewarding things about medicine is the opportunity to pass on our knowledge to those that come after us. And some among us go that extra step to help spread knowledge to areas that do not have what we do. Also, through teaching, to equip local colleagues with skills and confidence to deliver care well beyond our borders.

“Dr Stephen Kinnear is one of those people. As well as his work teaching and training here in SA and Australia, Steve has made a tremendous contribution to education more broadly in our region, particularly the South West Pacific. As a visiting lecturer on behalf of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists, he initiated the South West Pacific’s first medical specialist training program, which has placed anaesthetists in all South West Pacific Island nations in Polynesia and Melanesia. For 13 years he also volunteered his time each year to teach in the Real World Anaesthesia course, which gives anaesthetists from high-income countries the skills to have an impact on the development of anaesthesia in less affluent countries.”

AMA(SA) Award – Dr Mark H Moore, plastic and reconstructive surgeon

This year’s winner of the AMA(SA) Award, Dr Mark Moore, has more than a bit in common with this year’s AMA(SA) Medical Educator Award winner, Stephen. “Both have done amazing work overseas, as well as locally,” said A/Prof Tam.

“Mark has been doing pro-bono work via volunteer reconstructive missions in Indonesia and East Timor since 1999, via the Overseas Specialist Surgical Association of Australia and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He is a leader in his field – plastic, reconstructive cranio-maxillofacial and aesthetic surgery – and is head of the Australian Craniofacial Unit at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital here in SA. He has made a major contribution, and his work has transformed lives and bodies – literally. Mark and Stephen have stood side by side changing lives, and today they stand side by side as AMA(SA) award winners. I am tremendously glad and proud to acknowledge them both, on behalf of the AMA(SA), for the work they have done.”

President’s Medical Leader Award – Prof John Dent, gastroenterologist

The final award presented at the AMA(SA)’s Charity Gala Dinner for 2018 recognizes leadership in the medical profession. “This year’s winner, Professor John Dent, is a consummate researcher, a driven, inspiring and international educator who has delivered insights into one of the most basic mechanisms of the body, and a very commonly occurring disease,” said A/Prof Tam.

“He is also a highly efficient administrator, taking over directorship of his Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and expanding it into a centre of excellence known worldwide. He has developed, with international colleagues, carefully researched endoscopic severity classifications where there were none – that now everyone uses, in the most common of conditions: Barrett’s oesophagus. In fact, he revolutionised how we treat this very common condition. I am delighted to announce Professor John Dent as the AMA(SA) President’s Medical Leader for 2018.”

21 May 2018 | Contact: Eva O'Driscoll 08 8361 0106

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